Friday, May 11, 2007

I'm home!

I got soooo lucky on my flight! First they didn't even ask to weigh me, then forgot to ask my mom to pay for me... but decided to page her at the gate to get their money, haha. So then I had the best stewardesses who loved doggies, so they gave my mom a seat with an empty one next to her, so I was out of my bag the entire time, either on my own seat or on her lap, nice! They even gave me some brie to have with my sleeping pill... It was our best flight ever! So I'm back in Chicago now, will be posting more I promise!


Anonymous simb said...

Hey Buddy, So good to read everything is ok. We have internetconnection from today...We're gonna miss you all!!! We wish you could stay with us all summer long...
Dikke kussen xxx
Mowglie and Baloe

9:43 PM  
Blogger pugfreak said...

Congratulations on the sweet flight! I hope my flight goes half as well.

See ya soon.
Raoul and Donna

9:31 PM  

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