Thursday, November 20, 2008

At the vet...

I'm having an operation today to remove a little thing from my eyelid. It's not easy to get a picture of since it's pretty small, but you can sort of see it in that last photo. It's just a little thing I've had for about a year and you could never even notice it, but lately mom and dad have noticed it more and more... it seems to be getting bigger. So, there is a special doggie opthamologist that is taking care of me today. I wish they didn't have to put me under, but I suppose its a good idea. You know there is NO WAY I'm letting anyone near my eyes! Haha! So mom and dad dropped me off early this morning (I was only a little scared, no biggie) and are coming back to pick me up in a couple hours. I'm sure I'll be all droopy and sad, like before when they took care of my teeth. So mom will take pathetic photos and post them for you all to see. Hahaha:) See you all soon!


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