Friday, January 18, 2008

Vet appointment news

I went to the vet yesterday to get my anal glands expressed (ew, I know) and also because I have nasty breath lately. Well, now I have to go back on Tuesday and they're going to put me under! What?! I'm a little nervous but I was not into letting them look at my teeth yesterday-at ALL. They said from what they could see my teeth looked fine (all that chewing!) but my gums are a bit enflamed and I may have gingivitis. Huh? So I'm getting a full dental Tuesday. Mom will drop me off in the morning then pick me up at night. I don't even know what I'm in for! Wish me luck:)


Anonymous simb said...

Hello Olive,

Hey that's kind of funny I (Mowglie) also have to go to the vet on tuesday...I have to go under too...just 2 little brown spots on my belly to taken away...just in case that they're bad...Maybe I can ask them to clean my teeth too, mom always thinks I've eaten fish;-)
Anyway, good luck to us when we go under!!!

8:54 PM  

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